We offer 4-month accelerated diploma courses via virtual learning, as well as in-person classes in Edmonton and Calgary. Currently, we are offering the following courses: Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma, Cannabis & Health Specialist Diploma, and Applied Nutrition Science Diploma.

89% - Successful completion

88% - 3 year avg. post-graduation employment

$11,000 - Avg. government funding/student

1500 - Grads and counting


Elevated Learning Academy is a government-accredited post-secondary education provider specializing in launching preventative and natural health careers.

We offer accelerated Diploma courses in Cannabis and Health, Applied Nutrition Science, and Personal Fitness Training. Our diploma courses are four months of studies plus a practicum. We offer in-person classes in Calgary and Edmonton, as well as virtual delivery classes, that can be taken from anywhere.

Our programs are designed to achieve the perfect mix of getting you ready for your new and exciting career, while not wasting your valuable time and hard-earned dollars on irrelevant material. We focus on practical application and we also connect you with employers. Our curriculum is constantly updated for the newest research and job market requirements.

What Sets Us Apart

You will be taught by experts that have significant and meaningful experience in both industry and instructing at the post-secondary level. Our instructors know what it takes to succeed, and they can't wait to share the magic formula with you. Our dedicated team of instructors is as passionate about your success as you are. This should be the standard in the education industry but unfortunately, it isn't. You are more than just a number at Elevated Learning Academy! There are a lot of organizations claiming to provide quality education. Make sure you do your research, as many don’t issue a certified diploma, most don’t properly support or train students, many don't have access to government student loan and grant programs, and none specialize in preventative and natural health. Elevated Learning Academy and its courses are approved and regulated by the Alberta Ministry of Advanced Education. You can be confident in the education you will receive, and the diploma you will earn.

Our 4-Month Diploma Courses

Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma - Calgary, Edmonton & Virtual Learning

Elevated Learning Academy specializes in lifestyle careers. These are careers that are built around your passions, interests, and personal goals. One program that fits this mold is our government-accredited Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma course. It’s the top Alberta course of its kind and has been graduating skilled fitness professionals and industry leaders since we launched it in 2010. Elevated Learning Academy provides everything you need to successfully enter the fitness industry as a personal and small group trainer. Our course incorporates a perfect balance between academic and practical learning. This includes interactive class activities, team projects, case studies, and practical opportunities that cater to all learning styles. Our Personal Fitness Trainer Course is designed to provide you with an enjoyable and effective learning experience. Many programs/certifications in this field are rushed and inadequate or drawn out over multiple years, not ours.

Join the ever-growing army of Elevated Learning Academy graduates that are setting the standard in the fitness industry. You will not only graduate with the knowledge and keys to success but also with a government-designated diploma, CPR/AED certification, and an internationally recognized personal trainer certification.  

For more information about this course, including next start date, click: 

Calgary Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma
*Next Course Date: June 12, 2023 - October 13, 2023
Edmonton Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma
*Next Course Date: June 19, 2023 - October 17, 2023
Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma via Virtual Learning
*Next Course Date: April 11, 2023 - August 10, 2023

Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma - Calgary, Edmonton & Virtual Learning

This innovative and one-of-a-kind designated diploma course was rolled out in 2020 to address the much-needed demand for properly educated cannabis professionals in this rapidly growing and exciting industry. The sky is the limit for Elevated Learning Academy's Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma graduates in the medical sector, retail, production, marketing, regulatory, advocacy, and private consulting. You will graduate fully prepared for whatever path you choose, as you will learn about the history, the cannabis plant, the endocannabinoid system, the Cannabis Act & Regulations, the cannabis industry, consumer care, clinical medical evidence, and more. With such immense medicinal benefits, such as treatment of conditions of insomnia, inflammation, pain, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and others, it is of great importance that industry professionals understand proper usage. The Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma is research-based and is taught by the highest calibre instructors in this fieldWe are excited to welcome students from across Canada and beyond, and look forward to having you in our classroom. Taking this program will set you apart in the Cannabis industry.

For more information about this course, including next start date, click: 
Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma
*Next Course Date: Mar 20/23 to July 26/23

Applied Nutrition Science Diploma - Calgary, Edmonton & Virtual Learning

Choosing to be a nutrition professional is choosing a career that makes a difference. We teach you to use research and evidence-based practices to educate others about healthy food choices and eating habits that can reduce the risk of chronic disease. You will learn to help others make better-informed food choices. Understanding nutrition habits is much more than counting calories, enduring tough diets, and having to say no to your favorite foods. Our Applied Nutrition Science Diploma graduates learn techniques to ensure their client's goals are specific and meaningful and can be attained in a timely manner. Food and nutrition have become very hot topics in many social and media circles over the last 10 to 15 years. Our students learn to know the difference between evidence-based information rooted in research and science and unsupported trends on social media. Elevated Learning Academy students learn to guide people through the turbulent waters of nutrition advice. Community and culture are built on food, so become an Elevated Learning Academy student, and immerse yourself in a career of positive change.

For more information about this course, including next start date, click: 
Calgary Applied Nutrition Science Diploma 
*Next Course Date: April 12, 2023 - August 18, 2023
Applied Nutrition Science Diploma via Virtual Learning 
*Next Course Date: April 12, 2023 - August 18, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much government student funding will I qualify for?
How much funding a student receives depends on the province that they’re applying from. However usually, the full tuition amount is covered, and typically, additional funding is also provided to help pay for reasonable living expenses. Our experts are here to help you ensure your application correctly reflects your life circumstances. 

How is your virtual classroom different from a typical online course experience?
A typical online course is dependent on student-directed learning, with no live instruction, and minimal interaction among the students and with the instructor. Elevated Learning Academy’s virtual classroom closely reflects a physical classroom, where all learning and teaching is done through a live video classroom environment. You interact with the rest of the class, ask questions, and break out into small or large groups for activities. The instructor will utilize similar tools to what they use in a typical classroom, like a virtual whiteboard, PowerPoint presentations, calling on students for input, leading class discussions, and hands-on activities.

What does it mean when you say Elevated Learning Academy is an accredited and regulated college?
Our curriculum, instructor qualifications, admission requirements, and program delivery model have all been approved and are subject to review by the Alberta Ministry of Advanced Education. This provides you the assurance that the quality and accuracy of the courses are always of the highest caliber.

Some of Our Industry Partners

You may have questions about funding. *Our experienced experts can guide you through the process to see how much Government funding you can get pre-approved for…
Access to Government Student Funding is a key benefit we are proud to offer based on our accreditation. Most of our students utilize Student Aid loans and Grants which often cover the full cost of tuition plus reasonable living expenses. The funding available is dependent on your personal circumstances and our experienced experts can guide you through the process to see how much you are pre-approved for prior to making your enrollment decision.

You may have questions about the courses.
We proudly and confidently share that our government-approved curriculum and instructors are second to none. Our expert team constantly updates the material you will learn based on new research and feedback from our industry partners. We would love the opportunity to share more details on what makes our curriculum and your educational journey with Elevated Learning Academy unique from all others.

You may have questions about the diplomas or class times…
Many individuals are curious about what a 4-month accelerated diploma course schedule will look like. We have various combinations of start dates, class timing, and delivery method. Our helpful team is readily available to go through your options so you can make an informed choice that fits your existing personal commitments. Many students continue with existing employment and/or have family commitments which your diploma course can be built around.

You may have questions about future employment opportunities…
The end goal of our diploma courses is for you to successfully launch into your dream career. If you are curious as to the immense amount of employability support provided, the type of roles you will qualify for, where past graduates have ended up, who our industry partners are, and compensation expectations, then we encourage you to reach out to our team.


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Hear from our students!
“Great instructors and support staff. Love that it is a short program that still provides lot's of useful tools and knowledge." 


“The program was great in terms of accessibility and flexibility. Very supportive staff and team." 


“The staff were all impressively active and helpful. I enjoyed being able to make connections. The small class group was what made the whole class great. I love the quickness and effectiveness of the course." 

Samuel F.

“This was the best learning experience I ever have had." 

Shayne N. 

“Everyone involved within this institution are awesome people who brought us everything they had, not to mention digging deeper at times when we needed them or asked of them. " 

PFT Student

“Every person who was in contact with us throughout this program has been more than what you would expect from an online learning expereince. Couldn't ask for any better. " 

Brendan M.

“Just an incredible outstanding group of people! Friendly, supportive, and understanding. ELA staff are truly an amazing team!" 

Penny T.

“Overall, I had a great experience with everyone, You are all so kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. Thank you." 

CHS Student

“Everyone within the institution truly wants you to suceed which truly goes a long way!" 

Curtis B.

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Which program(s) are you interested in?

Applied Nutrition Science Diploma:

Virtual Delivery: Feb 8, 2022 - June 14, 2023

Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma:  

Virtual Delivery: Apr 11, 2023 - Aug 10, 2023
Calgary In-Person: Jan 30, 2023 - June 1, 2023  
Edmonton In-Person: Feb 6, 2023 - June 8, 2023

Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma:

Virtual Delivery: Mar 20, 2023 - July 26, 2023


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Must enroll by November 30 for classes starting between Jan and March.

Must enroll by February 28 for classes starting between April and May.

Must enroll by April 30 for classes starting between June and August.

Must enroll by July 30 for classes starting between Sept and Dec.
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