Calgary Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma

Become a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer in Calgary… in four months!
Next Course Date: Jan 30/23 to June 1/23

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Four Month Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma Course

We offer a concise, compact, and efficient Personal Fitness Trainer course. In this very intense 4-month course, students learn everything they need to be a personal trainer, without spending additional class time learning unnecessary things related to the profession, things that might be nice to know, but are clearly not required. Similar Personal Fitness Trainer courses are delivered over a two-year period, and are not nearly as hands-on or as industry-specific as Elevated Learning Academy’s. In our four-month Personal Fitness Trainer course, students are able learn the theory behind personal training, and apply that theory in practice, in an actual gym setting. Approximately 40% of our curriculum is hands-on, practical application.
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Our Instructors

Our Calgary Personal Fitness Training course instructors are all practicing personal trainers
Every day they’re able to bring real life experience into the classroom, and relate to the students on a level that most academia cannot. Through their current involvement in the industry, they also are up to date on all the current trends and certifications, allowing them to provide effective guidance and support to our students, as they enter their new careers.

We’d be happy to provide prospective students with more information about our training and the industry as a whole. You can book an appointment by calling 403-802-0933, or emailing By coming in for an information appointment, you’ll also get to view our Calgary campus, and possibly meet some of our students and instructors.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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Personal Fitness Trainer

A Career with High Demand...

Demand for Personal Fitness Trainers is constantly increasing. Media attention, and general awareness of such diseases as obesity, diabetes, and angina, are just some of the reasons people are becoming more conscious of their health.

Another is the attention paid to popular entertainment shows like The Last 10 Lbs. and The Biggest Loser, both of which draw millions of viewers, and focus those viewers attention to the benefits and results that exercise can bring.

Finally, there’s been a great shift in our demographics, with a large majority of our population ageing. This ageing population has a large disposable income, is extremely interested in health and wellness, and is newly acquiring more free time to devote to it. All of this creates great opportunities for fitness facilities, and Personal Fitness Trainers alike.

Our Industry Connections 

Giving you the inside track.
To even better connect our students to employers, we do a number of things: Throughout the course, we match interested students with hiring employers by sending the employers our students’ resumes and making email introductions. We also invite employers into the classroom to meet with students, and to inform students about their organizations, as well as their own career paths.
Many of these classroom visits turn into mini recruitment fairs, as they enable employers to personally meet the students and pass out business cards to interested applicants. 

Calgary employers we’ve had in the classroom include; Glencoe Club, Calgary Winter Club, World Health, Goodlife, SpaLady, Gold’s Gym, 360Fitness, Body Be Fit, Fit 4 Life, Multi Sport Fitness, Survivor Bootcamp, and many more.
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The ELA Advantage

Elevated Learning Academy is Calgary’s only vocational college, specializing in fitness education courses. Our institution is licensed and designated with the Alberta government, a process ensuring that our students receive the highest quality education and are eligible for all government student loan and grant programs.

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Should I become A Certified PFT?

Our Calgary Personal Fitness Trainer Course Appeals To A Wide Range Of Students
Our classroom has students from all types of backgrounds, ages, experiences, and family structures. Due to our convenient schedule (only morning classes, or only evening classes), many of our students are able to work part-time, and even full-time, while attending classes. We have students who are recent high-school graduates, all the way through to semi-retirees looking for a fun retirement profession.
The average age of our students is 30 years old, including parents, as well as singles. If you’d like to meet some of our students, we invite you to visit us in our Calgary classroom and sit in one of our classes.

Please call 403-802-0933 or 1-888-544-5573 to set up a day where you can sit in on a class.
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Personal Fitness Trainer Curiculum

Core Curriculum

Employment Skills

Anatomy & Physiology
Resume Design
Interviewing Skills
Business Planning
Machines and Exercises
Legal Guidelines
Special Populations
Professional Responsibilities
Program design
Effective Communication
Mind-body Training
Sales and Marketing

Additional Certifications

Another unique feature of our course is the greater number of certifications and designations that our students graduate with, in comparison to other academic institutions.

Our students don’t just graduate with a Diploma in Personal Fitness Training, they also receive an internationally recognized Personal Fitness Training Certification through the American Council on Exercise as well as their CPR/AED Certification through the Canadian Red Cross.
Preparations and examinations for these additional certifications are included in the curriculum, course length, and cost. So no additional time or money need be spent to acquire them.

There’s no other Personal Fitness Trainer course in Alberta that includes these additional certifications within its’ classes. Other schools require that students spend extra time and money obtaining additional certifications prior to them being able to start their careers in the Fitness Industry...our Personal Fitness Trainer Course is all inclusive!
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Applied Nutrition Science Diploma:

Virtual Delivery: Feb 8, 2022 - June 14, 2023

Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma:  

Virtual Delivery: Apr 11, 2023 - Aug 10, 2023
Calgary In-Person: Jan 30, 2023 - June 1, 2023  
Edmonton In-Person: Feb 6, 2023 - June 8, 2023

Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma:

Virtual Delivery: Mar 20, 2023 - July 26, 2023


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Must enroll by November 30 for classes starting between Jan and March.

Must enroll by February 28 for classes starting between April and May.

Must enroll by April 30 for classes starting between June and August.

Must enroll by July 30 for classes starting between Sept and Dec.
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