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Next Program Dates: March 5 - July 8, 2024

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The ELA Advantage

Elevated Learning Academy is Canada's only designated post-secondary educational institution offering a cannabis and health focused diploma program. 

BLENDED LEARNING: This program is delivered through a Blended Learning (also called 'Flipped Classroom' method. This delivery involves students enjoying consuming the lecture content at the convenience of their own schedule, allowing for live class time to be spent on more applied and engaged participation, like projects, discussions, group activities, presentations, and others. 

GOVERNMENT DESIGNATED & FUNDED: The curriculum, instructor qualifications,  admission requirements, and program delivery model have all been approved and  are subject to review by the Alberta Ministry of Advanced Education . This provides reassurance to our students that the quality and accuracy of the program is always at the highest caliber. 

The Cannabis Story

Despite almost a century of prohibition, Canadians' use of cannabis for, both, medical and recreational proposes never stopped, it just went underground. Through persistent lobbying, both, on the streets and in the courts, Canadians have fought for their right to freely use this most valuable plant. Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada since 2001, however, it was difficult to find a doctor willing to authorize its use and the only legal source was of poor quality and hard to obtain. Regulated retail sale of cannabis became legal across Canada in 2018. 

As the first G7 country to legalize cannabis, Canada has become a leader in the global cannabis industry for both, medical and retail sales. Other countries look to Canada as a model for implementing legalization in their respective countries. 

More on the Cannabis Story is covered in the Diploma's robust curriculum. 

Career Paths

Jobs in the cannabis industry are highly sought-after, and for good reason: the industry is new, innovative, and makes for a stimulating work environment. People always want to know more about cannabis, whether they are curious onlookers, or fully-immersed pros. Cannabis is a community, and a culture, and brings together people from all demographics. 

Opportunities are available in the medical sector, in retail, in production, in marketing, in the regulatory sectory, in advocacy, and in private consulting. The sky is truly the limit, especially for those with a robust educational background as graduates of Elevated Learning Academy's Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma.

Curriculum Details


Origins and Ancient Uses, Regulations, Academic Lineage

The Cannabis Plant: 

Botany, Strains and Speciation, Cannabis vs Hemp, THC vs CBD, Minor Cannabinoids, Terpenes

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS):
Epistemology, Different types of Endocannabinoids, Key components of the ECS

The Cannabis Act & Regulation:
Compliance, Medical vs Retail, Safety Precautions, Social Awareness

Cannabis Industry:
Career Prep, Legalities, Eco-system, 
Business Strategies, Business planning & pitching

Industry Guest Speakers: 
Guest speakers from various segments of the cannabis and hemp industry

Clinical Medical Benefits: 
Pain, Neurological, Psychiatric, Gastrointestinal,
Cancer symptom relief & anti-tumoural effects

Patient and Consumer Care:
Patient verification, Side effects and safe use precautions, Product care, Methods of Medicating, Dosing & titration, Drug Drug Interactions


“In the end I have skills that can help me in a vast array of areas in this industry. I know I can do consulting, make pitches, formulate ideas for products or businesses, I can create marketing or educational information, I can do presentations and educate people in so many ways. I know how it works in the body, the history and most of the fundamentals behind the research that is going on in cannabis and how to find more. I can help people find what works for them and for myself. And I have the support I need from you all if I need help doing any of that.Awesome course, will definately recommend to interested individuals” – Linley, May  2022
“I really appreciate the great discussions we had in class. I thought Jeananne did a really good job navigating some of the very different opinions we had as students and also loved her extra knowledge about herbalism which enhanced the cannabis and health knowledge greatly. ” – Student, May 2022
“Jeananne is so knowledgeable and enjoyed her teachings and stories." - Anne, May 2022
“Jeananne was amazing and I loved having her as our teacher. I loved the herbal knowledge as well and would like to deep dive on that at some point with her. Many thanks and loved the course.” – Student,  May  2022
“Awesome course, will definately recommend to interested individuals” – Sara F., Dec 2021
“I loved it all!! Honestly, so much lost history and knowledge base being brought back into light. Honored to be a pioneer in this industry.” – Penny T., Dec 2021
“Overall, this program was great!! I loved my classmates, my practicum at Rosebud was priceless. All the staff who I connected with, especially Jeananne, did an amazing job guiding us all through the course and keeping me on track, motivated and entertained. Great Job!!” – Landon G., Dec 2021

“Truly an amazing and wonderful person. Jeananne's ability to instrcut is outstanding, her creativity and knowledge are unsurpassed, and it has been an absolute honor to be her pupil.” – Penny T., Dec 2021

Frequently Asked Questions 


What is a virtual-classroom experience like?

A virtual classroom is not all that different from attending class in a physical classroom. It involves being part of an online, video, scheduled group session/class with your peers and the instructor. The environment will allow you to interact with the rest of the class, ask questions, and break out into small or large groups for activities. The instructor will utilize similar tools to what they use in a typical classroom as well, like a virtual whiteboard, Powerpoint presentations, calling on students for inputs, leading of class discussions and more. Most of our students really enjoy it, especially since they can join from the comfort of their own home.

How much government student funding will I qualify for?

How much funding a student receives depends on the province that they’re applying from. However, all provinces typically fund, at the very least, the full tuition amount, and typically also provide students with some additional funding to help pay for living expenses.

How is a virtual classroom different from a typical online course experience?

A typical online course is dependent on student-directed learning, with no live instruction and minimal interaction among the students and with the instructor. ELA’s virtual classroom much more closely reflects a physical classroom, where all learning and teaching is done through a live video classroom environment, and a great deal of interaction occurs between teacher and students.

Do I need to be a cannabis consumer to take the program?

There is no expectation of students to consume cannabis during or after the program.

Join us!

Elevated Learning Academy is most excited to pioneer within the Canadian cannabis education space by offering the Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma. It is the first health-focused, designated, post-secondary diploma of its kind in Canada. 

With such immense medicinal benefits, such as treatment of conditions of insomnia, inflammation, pain, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and others it is of the greatest importance that as many people as possible are of the understanding of its proper usage.

The Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma is research-based, and is taught by the highest of professionals in this field.  We are excited to welcome students from all across Canada and beyond, and look forward to having you in our virtual cannabis classroom.
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Cannabis & Alberta

The overall message from the last two years, since cannabis’ Canadian legalization, is that cannabis is a booming industry in Canada. 
With more dispensaries opening every day – as of April 2020, Alberta has 438 dispensaries (AGLC), and is by far the Canadian leader in per-capita sales (Calgary Herald). It has also been predicted that Canada will hit $3.16 billion in cannabis sales in 2020, twice of 2019 revenues (Bloomberg). All the statistics and data show that opportunities in the Canadian cannabis sector are only going to continue to flourish, and the receipt of an in-depth education can only lead to great payoffs.
Albertans spend an average of $45 per person on legal cannabis, 
compared to $23 in Quebec, $15 in Ontario, and $10 in BC. (Dec, 2019)

Albertans live in closer proximity to pot shops than anywhere else in the country (average distance is 13 km) (Dec, 2019)

Online cannabis sales account for only 6% of total (Dec, 2019)

Two of the world’s biggest cannabis companies are headquartered in Alberta: Aurora and Sundial.
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Monselito BunyiMonselito Bunyi
15:15 18 Aug 21
I just finished and graduated in Diploma for Personal Fitness Trainer. I have learned so much and my brain got full knowledge from the best instructors in school. Crystal, Jarred and Leah are really the best! They have established credibility in their knowledge and they really care about the students. The excellence in their teaching styles have different strokes but have the same goal, and that is the CARE to share their knowledge to us and make us to become the excellent fitness professional.For those who are still thinking about starting a fitness career, this school is my HIGHLY recommended for your guys. Your tuition fee is all worth it. You will not be disappointed and you will finish this school with a smile in your heart and full of knowledge in your brain and you will become successful!
22:44 17 Aug 21
Took the personal trainer course and it was easily the best educational experience I've had by far. The instructors are unreal and just a fountain of knowledge. I would do it all over again if I could. If you're considering your options for any certifications they offer just pick ELA, you wont be disappointed.
Pengwen (DJ Pengwen)Pengwen (DJ Pengwen)
19:59 12 Mar 20
I was enrolled (and completed) the personal fitness trainer program. It's also worth noting that I'm a massage therapist, with a strong knowledge of muscles and their movement, and I still found this program challenging. But it's also worth it.The instructors genuinely want to see people succeed, both in the program and out in the real world, and although the course requires you to be quite self-driven, they will provide you with the resources and assistance where able to ensure you succeed.I would also like to point out, ensure you can structure a healthy work/school/life balance before enrolling. It'll help a lot. :)
Bonnie LangBonnie Lang
20:11 29 Jul 19
I cannot recommend working with ELA enough! I spoke to one of their classes and received a warm welcome, great questions, and lots of interest for a practicum. I was impressed with their level of professionalism but also "real" nature and honesty around the personal training industry.From the class, I was able to work with a practicum student and loved how she was always ready to watch, interact, and even take over on the spot. I appreciated her enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and great people skills - she made people at ease and jumped right into their sessions with them.I'm grateful for a fun experience with ELA and would recommend connecting with them for any personal trainer/business owner in the fitness industry.
Erin GaboraErin Gabora
00:17 27 Mar 19
After much research I came across Elevated Learning Academy. I decided to enroll in the Personal Fitness Teainer Diploma program and I am so glad I did. The instructors, Leah and Daniel were extremely knowledgeable and prepared me for the industry I was entering into. I would recommend anyone interested in becoming certified to check them out. You get the practical work along with the textbook work!

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Applied Nutrition Science Diploma

Next Virtual Delivery: April 22, 2024 - August 28, 2024

Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma

Next Virtual Delivery: February 5 - June 6, 2024
Next Calgary In-Person: March 18 - July 18, 2024
Next Edmonton In-Person: April 15 - August 13, 2024

Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma

Next Virtual Delivery: March 4, 2024 - July 8, 2024


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Must enroll by November 30 for classes starting between Jan and March.

Must enroll by February 28 for classes starting between April and May.

Must enroll by April 30 for classes starting between June and August.

Must enroll by July 30 for classes starting between Sept and Dec.
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