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Virtual Delivery: Jan 31 - June 6, 2022 (Day)
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Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma:
Virtual Delivery: Feb 7, 2022 - June 9, 2022
Edmonton In-Person: Mar 28 - July 28, 2022
Calgary In-Person: Mar 28 - July 28, 2022
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Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma (Virtual)

Become a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer... Anywhere… in four months!

Four Month Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma Course

Elevated Learning Academy is celebrated across Canada for graduating more personal trainers than any other post-secondary institution in Canada. If you’re looking to be a respected personal trainer, with a long-standing and successful career, then you’ve come to the right place. Elevated Learning Academy’s Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma has been offered to students in Alberta since 2011, and has begun its virtual offering in 2020 to the rest of Canada. For the first time in 9 years, students no longer need to travel to one of our Calgary or Edmonton campuses to take part in this highly-esteemed program, and can take it from the comfort of their own homes.
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This is the only personal training post-secondary program where graduates receive accreditation with two designated bodies:

1. Elevated Learning Academy– A Provincially licensed and designated vocational college in Alberta.
2. American Council on Exercise (ACE) – The largest, non-profit, certification body for fitness professionals world-wide.

Learning Fitness Virtually – Is it for me?

Our number one goal is to ensure that our Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma’s virtual classroom provides our students with the same or even greater value as they would receive in a typical classroom.
The added value that it gives our students is the experience of working with clients online, whether it’s doing online fitness coaching, online fitness demonstrations, using online tools for program planning and communication, and/or general virtual presentation skills. The experience that students receive is rich beyond belief!

No matter what type of learning you are; kinesthetic, visual or auditory, this program is for you, as it checks off all the boxes for all learners. Ourinstructors are expected to accommodate all learning styles, and being that they’ve all come from a traditional instruction environment, they are experts at ‘engaging the room’, whether it be a physical classroom or a virtual one.
Kinesthetic learners (ie. ‘doers’) need not worry. This program is as ‘hands-on’ as can be. It’s not unusual for our students to sweat at least once during a class, through the various demonstrations they’re instructed to follow along with, and/or through trying out various activities for themselves. Plus partner and group work is easier than ever with our virtual classroom’s ‘break-out rooms’.

Visual learners (ie. ‘seers’) need not worry. Between almost daily power-point presentations, demonstrations, a graphics-filled textbook, videos, and seeing your instructors’ and peers’ faces at every class, your visual senses will be satisfied, for sure!

Auditory learners (ie. ‘listeners’) need not worry. Being that classes are all based on live instruction, and that there is plenty of opportunities for students to ask questions and for all to hear instructors’ answers to not just your own, but to all questions, auditory learners shall be quite pleased.
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Personal Fitness Trainer

A Career with High Demand...

Demand for Personal Fitness Trainers is constantly increasing. Media attention, and general awareness of such diseases as obesity, diabetes, and angina, are just some of the reasons people are becoming more conscious of their health.
Another is the attention paid to popular entertainment shows like The Last 10 Lbs. and The Biggest Loser, both of which draw millions of viewers, and focus those viewers attention to the benefits and results that exercise can bring.

Finally, there’s been a great shift in our demographics, with a large majority of our population ageing. This ageing population has a large disposable income, is extremely interested in health and wellness, and is newly acquiring more free time to devote to it. All of this creates great opportunities for fitness facilities, and Personal Fitness Trainers alike.

What we offer

Integrate CPR/AED training and certification into the tuition

Integrate ACE Certification into the tuition

Integrate all books into the tuition

Assist with practicum placements by linking you with interested employers

Offer students unlimited personalized support outside of class hours

Provide assistance with applying for government student loan, grant, and scholarship programs

Utilize only qualified, educated and experienced fitness professionals as our educators who can speak from their own experience in the industry

Integrate sales, marketing, and business development skills into the curriculum

Connect our students with potential employers upon completion of the program

Bring numerous industry presenters into the classroom to share their experience and network with our students

Believe in an interactive learning environment and keep our class sizes small (up to max of 24 people)

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The ELA Advantage

Elevated Learning Academy is the only academic institution in, not only Edmonton, but all of Alberta, that specializes in personal fitness courses. We are designated, licensed and bonded through the Alberta government, providing the highest quality education to students from all over Alberta. Our designation also enable our students to apply for government student loans and grants to help with tuition and living costs.

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ELA’s Virtual Classroom vs. Other Online Courses

ELA’s Virtual Classroom

Very few differences from taking a course in a regular classroom. We believe with being hands-on and engaging with our students.
Theory and application are in balance: Every class includes both, learning of theory its application into practice. Be ready to move, feel, maybe even sweat.
Live engagement & support: Whether it’s live group engagement, or individual support in a private setting, both are available and applied with all students.
Plenty of structure and accountability: Just like taking a program at any reputable post-secondary educational institutions, there’s a strict schedule of class attendance and assignment completion.
Govn’t-Designated Diploma upon Graduation: 
ELA’s Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma is government-designated, and along with it, students also receive: Level C CPR, an internationally-recognized personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise, along with a Practicum Certificate.

Typical Online Courses

Most courses involve self-directed learning from a book and then, simply, the writing of a test. 

Little or no application: There are no practical or hands-on components to most online courses.

Independent learning: In most courses, there is zero interaction with an instructor and/or fellow students. 

Students learn at their own pace, leading to high incompletion rate: Although, for most of us, learner-driven education may sound appealing at first glance, it doesn’t really work, unfortunately.
Lacks regulatory & industry recognition:
Beware! Most online certification courses are developed by non-regulated private companies that do not guarantee quality or accuracy of curriculums.


“The teachers were able to put up with my million questions!” – Craig Z., Fall 2019
“The instructors encouraged me, inspired me, and treated me with so much care and concern.” – Shanal P., Fall 2019 Grad
“Program was very challenging. A lot of information to handle at once, especially between second and third exams. It was hard being a full-time student in the evening and a full-time employee during the day. Program was worth it though. Life changing in a good way and I’m glad I signed up and got to experience it.” – Kam, Winter 2020 Grad

“This program was life changing for me. I met classmates and made friends from all walks of life and we’re are all passionate to change lives as personal trainers. Would highly recommend ELA PFT Diploma!” – Erika M, Winter 2020 Grad

Personal Fitness Trainer Curiculum

Core Curriculum

Employment Skills

Anatomy & Physiology
Resume Design
Interviewing Skills
Business Planning
Machines and Exercises
Legal Guidelines
Special Populations
Professional Responsibilities
Program design
Effective Communication
Mind-body Training
Sales and Marketing

Additional Certifications

Another unique feature of our course is the greater number of certifications and designations that our students graduate with, in comparison to other academic institutions.

Our students don’t just graduate with a Diploma in Personal Fitness Training, they also receive an internationally recognized Personal Fitness Training Certification through the American Council on Exercise as well as their CPR/AED Certification through the Canadian Red Cross.
Preparations and examinations for these additional certifications are included in the curriculum, course length, and cost. So no additional time or money need be spent to acquire them.

There’s no other Personal Fitness Trainer course in Alberta that includes these additional certifications within its’ classes. Other schools require that students spend extra time and money obtaining additional certifications prior to them being able to start their careers in the Fitness Industry...our Personal Fitness Trainer Course is all inclusive!
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