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UPCOMING EDMONTON PROGRAM DATES: February 5, 2018 – June 8, 2018


Enrolling in Edmonton’s Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma program will enable you to enter the fitness industry faster and more successfully than you’ve ever imagined!

The program includes 340 hours of in-person instruction (30% of which are delivered on a fitness floor), CPR/AED Certification, a 36-hour practicum, and even an Internationally-recognized fitness certification that will enable you to work abroad.

Classes run over a period of an intensive 17 weeks (4 months), after which you will be assisted with practicum and job placement. More info is available here.



With multiple start dates per year and flexible admission requirements, enrolment is easy! In addition to enrolling you into the program, we’ll also help with applying for government funding, offer a tour of our facility and help you answer questions about your own journey into the exciting industry of fitness. Set up your enrolment appointment today!

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We provide more than just a quality, in-depth, education. We also prepare our students for the launch of their new careers; assist them with everything from resume development to connecting them with employers of their interest. Our dedicated staff ensure that all graduates have many opportunities to interact with employers and land their dream job.

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Elevated Learning Academy Inc. has been the most active fitness educator in Alberta in recent years. Since opening its doors in 2011, ELA has had a great deal of students pass through its doors, and join the fitness industry as thriving Personal Fitness Trainers. Our graduates have seen success within organizations large and small, as well as thriving entrepreneurs.


Edmonton Personal Fitness Trainer Course


Become a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer in Edmonton… in four months.

Elevated Learning Academy is the only academic institution in, not only Edmonton, but all of Alberta, that specializes in personal fitness courses. We are designated, licensed and bonded through the Alberta government, providing the highest quality education to students from all over Alberta. Our designation also enable our students to apply for government student loans and grants to help with tuition and living costs.

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Elevated learning Academy
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Demand for Personal Fitness Trainers is constantly increasing. Media attention, and general awareness of such diseases as obesity, diabetes, and angina, are just some of the reasons people are becoming more conscious of their health. Another is the attention paid to popular entertainment shows like The Last 10 Lbs. and The Biggest Loser, both of which draw millions of viewers, and focus those viewers attention to the benefits and results that exercise can bring. Finally, there’s been a great shift in our demographics, with a large majority of our population ageing. This ageing population has a large disposable income, is extremely interested in health and wellness, and is newly acquiring more free time to devote to it. All of this creates great opportunities for fitness facilities, and Personal Fitness Trainers alike.

Four Month Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma Course
Elevated Learning Academy offers a condensed Personal Fitness Trainer course in Edmonton .. completed in just four months; its’ short time frame to completion is one of the reasons it’s so well recognized in the fitness industry. The curriculum is specialized and specific, enabling us to deliver the entire course in just 4 months, compared to similar programs, which can take up to two years to complete. In four months, our students receive the classroom knowledge they need to be successful in the profession, but also an extensive amount of hands-on knowledge, with approximately 40% of the curriculum being delivered on the gym floor.

Our Edmonton Personal Fitness Trainer Course Appeals To A Wide Range Of Students
Our classroom consists of recent high school graduates, university students, mid-career transitioners, late career almost-retirees, parents, singles, athletes, recreational athletes, retired athletes, fitness success stories, and fitness-success-story-hopefuls. Our classroom is usually filled with inspiring people from all walks of life that get to grow and learn together. Students leave the course, connected to a close-knit network of professionals; contacts that will stretch far beyond our classroom. Our flexible course schedule enables our students to maintain their various lifestyles with fair ease, as classes run just four hours per day. Many of our evening students manage to maintain part-time and full-time jobs, as well as family commitments.

Additional Personal Fitness Trainer Certifications Included In Our Course
Our Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma course is all-inclusive. Once students have entered our doors, they won’t need to go anywhere else to fulfill their course requirements. As part of the fitness trainer course and tuition, students receive their CPR/AED Certification through the Canadian Red Cross, all of their in-class and out of class hands-on training, tools and materials, four textbooks, and complimentary gym memberships for up to 13 fitness facilities in the city of Edmonton. In addition to all of this, students also get certified through the American Council on Exercise, which is globally recognized, and enables our Personal Fitness Trainer graduates to work, not only across Canada, but also around the world.

Our course curriculum is very comprehensive, covering;

  • anatomy
  • physiology
  • kinesiology
  • psychology
  • machines and exercises
  • special populations
  • program design
  • and mind-body training

In addition, we also ensure that our students are prepared to successfully launch their careers, whether that be through traditional employment or self-employment. The business and employability skills included in our Edmonton personal fitness trainer course are:

  • resume-design
  • interviewing skills
  • business planning
  • legal guidelines
  • professional responsibilities
  • and effective communication
  • sales and marketing

ELA_Logo_2013Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma – Edmonton
Elevated learning Academy
209-10080 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton
(Above Central LRT Station)
780-425-0933 or 1-888-544-5573

Our goal is for 100% of our Personal Fitness Trainer graduates be professionally employed. To reach this goal, we put significant effort into assisting, mentoring and coaching our students towards successful employment. We do this by sending out our students’ resumes to potential employers on our students’ behalves, inviting employers into the classroom to share information about their organizations, facilitate our students’ practicum placements, coach our students with interviewing and resume-writing skills, and even mediate student-employer miscommunications and/or conflicts. Ultimately, all of our students walk away feeling supported, not only while they’re in the course, but for the entire duration of their careers.

Not only do our students get to learn the extensive theory behind personal training, and put it all into practice, they also get to learn from the best professionals in the city, all of who are also practicing personal trainers. Our Personal Fitness Trainer instructors bring into the classroom, stories and experiences from their day-to-day lives as personal trainers. Our instructors are up to date on all the current industry trends, events, certifications and news. This is somewhat uncommon for traditional academia, as many professors are often disconnected from the actual professions that their students will be pursuing. If you’d like to sit in on one of our classes and meet our instructors, as well as our students, we invite you to do so. To set up a visit at our Edmonton campus, please call 780-425-0933 or email

We look forward to hearing from you.

ELA_Logo_2013Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma – Edmonton
Elevated learning Academy
209-10080 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton
(Above Central LRT Station)
780-425-0933 or 1-888-544-5573