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The Applied Nutrition Science Diploma program has been delivered through Elevated Learning Academy since 2015 and has graduated nutrition practitioners into the weight loss, fitness, mental health, hospitality, community services, online coaching, culinary arts, and other sectors. In just 4 months, students get an in-depth dive into the biological sciences, nutrition coaching, meal planning, food preparation, food policy, dietary restrictions, sports nutrition, and many other exciting topics. We’re excited for you to join us through our virtual classroom, where we aim a near-identical learning experience for our students as what they’d receive in one of our Calgary/Edmonton-based physical classrooms, taught by our Registered Dietitian instructors.

Virtual Applied Science Nutrition Diploma - Elevated Learning Academy 
Online Courses - 4 months 

Become a nutrition practitioner 

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Learning Nutrition Virtually – Is it for me?

There is great value in taking part in the Applied Nutrition Science Diploma’s virtual classroom, as in addition to it being near-identical delivery to being in a typical classroom, students also get a much closer experience to what it would be like to work with clients through online methods and use online tools for coaching, meal planning, demonstrations, and presentations.

No matter what type of learning you are; kinesthetic, visual or auditory, this program is for you, as it checks off all the boxes for all learners. Our instructors are specifically instructed to accommodate all learning styles, and being that they’ve all come from a traditional instruction environment, they are experts at ‘engaging the room’.

Kinesthetic learners need not worry. Students get to take part in all the same hands-on experiences through the virtual version of this program as they would if they were in a typical classroom, the setting is simply sometimes different. For example, instead of doing a partner activity in the classroom, you’d be doing it from home in collaboration with a partner through a virtual break-out room.
Visual learners need not worry. All the same visual tools are utilized within the virtual delivery as in a typical classroom. For instance, instructors continue to utilize PowerPoint as their main presentation tool, and there’s even a virtual whiteboard where instructors and students can draw and write supplementary material. Also, the pre-recorded lectures that students watch in between classes, are extremely visual, with diagrams, graphs, and various imagery explaining the concepts.

Auditory learners need not worry. In addition to the live instruction being one where there is a great deal of explanation of concepts by the instructors, there’s also an opportunity for students’ to ask questions and for the rest of the class to hear the answers to those. Additionally, students can book 1-on-1 time with the instructors for additional tutoring or simply a review of the material.

Virtual Applied Science Nutrition Diploma - Elevated Learning Academy 
Online Courses - 4 months 

Become a nutrition practitioner 
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You won't find a curriculum more robust than this.
Nutrition Physiology
Macronutrients & Micronutrients
Behaviour Change
Goal Setting
Business Fundamentals
Presentation & Communication Techniques
Trends & Controversies
Food Labels
Body Image & Eating Disorders
Health Crisis
Government Policies
Organics & GMOs
Assessments and Analysis
Lifecycle Nutrition
Allergies & Intolerances
Meal Planning
Recipe Modification
Food Safety & Sanitation
Sports & Fitness Nutrition
nutrition diploma

The ELA Advantage

Elevated Learning Academy is a government-designated post-secondary institution that focuses on health education. Since 2011, it has graduated thousands from its unique, accelerated, diploma programs. It prides itself on providing robust, hands-on, practical and research-based curriculums to its students, taught live, by highly-qualified industry experts.

What you get

All the learning materials that students will need throughout the program

A progressive education delivery called the ‘Flipped Classroom Model'

Unlimited individualized support outside of class hours

Recipe modification training

Integration of sales, marketing, and business development skills into the curriculum

Small class size to allow for each student to receive much individualized attention (maximum of 20 per class)

Connect our students with potential employers upon completion of the program

Bring numerous industry presenters into the classroom to share their experience and network with our students

ELA’s Virtual Classroom vs. Other Online Courses

ELA’s Virtual Classroom

Very few differences from taking a course in a regular classroom. We believe with being hands-on and engaging with our students.
Theory and application are in balance: Every class includes both, learning of theory its application into practice. Be ready to move, feel, maybe even sweat.
Live engagement & support: Whether it’s live group engagement, or individual support in a private setting, both are available and applied with all students.
Plenty of structure and accountability: Just like taking a program at any reputable post-secondary educational institutions, there’s a strict schedule of class attendance and assignment completion.
Govn’t-Designated Diploma upon Graduation: 
ELA’s Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma is government-designated, and along with it, students also receive: Level C CPR, an internationally-recognized personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise, along with a Practicum Certificate.

Typical Online Courses

Most courses involve self-directed learning from a book and then, simply, the writing of a test. 

Little or no application: There are no practical or hands-on components to most online courses.

Independent learning: In most courses, there is zero interaction with an instructor and/or fellow students. 

Students learn at their own pace, leading to high incompletion rate: Although, for most of us, learner-driven education may sound appealing at first glance, it doesn’t really work, unfortunately.
Lacks regulatory & industry recognition:
Beware! Most online certification courses are developed by non-regulated private companies that do not guarantee quality or accuracy of curriculums.



"Kaylynne was a phenomenal instructor and mentor throughout the course. She was extremely helpful and always made sure all of us were up to par with content, assignments, and review. It is refreshing for a teacher and instructor to have a passion for what they teach and preach! Great person and leader overall." - Adi, May 2022

"Really enjoyed the flipped classroom model! All the staff and instructors were outstanding!" - Kaycee, May 2022

"I really enjoyed the program overall. I love that its all evidence based." - Taylor-Rae, May 2022

"I really enjoyed the format of the program and found it fun and easy to learn the information." - Student, May 2022

"I had a wonderful learning experience! The flipped Classroom model was a nice alternative, it allowed structure and a chance to socialize. The staff team that I had interactions with were super helpful and knowledgeable." - Student, March 2022

"Amanda was a wonderful instructor. She made the classes engaging and the topic that she presented was taught in a way that helped me learn." -Student, March 2022

"I absolutely loved having Amanda as a teacher. She was so encouraging and very helpful and I really, really, really enjoyed this experience and I believe she made the experience the most enjoyable. I felt like this program was well planned out and I love the way its taught in the sense where we do the quizzes and homework before class as the class then gives us a refresher of the homework and allows any questions to be answered. " - Cat B, March 2022

"I love Amanda and I am so lucky to have had her support me and guide me through this process. Thank you. I was very happy it was a short program and fit my life even though it was a lot of information. " -Sheryl J, March 2022

"Kaylynne was an exceptional instructor. I have taken many courses and training throughout the years and found her to be extremely easy to deal with, thoroughly knowledgeable, helpful and such a friendly person" - Darlene P. , Jan 2022

"I enjoyed the challenge of having a fast-paced program. I also appreciated that all the staff was engaging and supportive in all ways" - Fatima, Jan 2022

"Kaylynne is definitely always well prepared and very knowledgeable; I always understood the lecture and she made every class fun ! :) " -Claudette, Jan 2022

"Kaylynne is really understanding and knowledgeable." - Diana, Jan 2022

"A very informative program. The information I learned blew my mind away and opened it up to sooo much information in our lives. Never thought that nutrition can impact so many aspects of our lives for many different people." - ANS Student, Oct 2021

"Amanda was truly a great definition of who'd you'd want as a professor. Truly an inspiring person as I know all of us look up to her!" - Curtis B., Oct 2021

"The instructors encouraged me, inspired me, and treated me with so much care and concern." - Shanal P. , 2019 Grad

"Changed my perspective on food even after working with it for 18 years." - Will V., Oct 2021

"Thank you so much for all your support to everyone at ELA. I came in with no idea of what I was getting myself into, However I have learnt so much and have the confidence to share my knowledge in nutrition now. I couldn’t have done this without you all!" - Nikkei K., Fall 2019 Grad

"ELA has been not only one of the sole positive educational experiences I have had, but also incredibly healing for me. So I just wanted to start off by saying thank you so much for providing me an effective, amazing, and supportive learning environment. I mean that from the bottom of my heart." - Nick T., Fall 2019 Grad

"The instructors encouraged me, inspired me, and treated me with so much care and concern." - Shanal P. , 2019 Grad


Applied Nutrition Science Diploma:

Virtual Delivery: Feb 8, 2022 - June 14, 2023

Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma:  

Virtual Delivery: Apr 11, 2023 - Aug 10, 2023
Calgary In-Person: Jan 30, 2023 - June 1, 2023  
Edmonton In-Person: Feb 6, 2023 - June 8, 2023

Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma:

Virtual Delivery: Mar 20, 2023 - July 26, 2023


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Must enroll by November 30 for classes starting between Jan and March.

Must enroll by February 28 for classes starting between April and May.

Must enroll by April 30 for classes starting between June and August.

Must enroll by July 30 for classes starting between Sept and Dec.
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