7 Reasons To Take a Personal Fitness Trainer Course In 2023

In this era of wokeness and self-care, almost everyone wants to look good and stay in shape, and taking a personal fitness trainer course can help you do just that. With so many people looking to stay healthy and fit, it’s only natural that the demand for qualified personal trainers is growing.

So if you have a thing for fitness and thinking of making some money while doing what you love, then a personal fitness trainer course would be the perfect choice to kickstart a career in fitness training.

What Is Personal Fitness?

Well, to define personal fitness, we must first define fitness. Fitness measures how well you can move, perform, and function in day-to-day activities. A person is considered fit if they can maintain a healthy balance between muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility.

On the other hand, personal fitness is a practice that focuses on an individual’s health and well-being. Personal fitness is then a specialty of the fitness industry in which individuals are trained to use a combination of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle modifications to help clients achieve their goals — whether fat loss, increasing muscle size or improved physical performance.

Over the years, personal training has become a lucrative niche as more people seek advice and help to achieve their fitness goals.

Personal Fitness Training and Nutrition

Fitness and nutrition often go hand in hand. While we have already expounded on personal fitness, we must also consider its nutritional aspect.

Nutrition is an important part of attaining your optimal fitness level, and personal trainers are often trained to help clients stick to a healthy diet tailored to their needs. They may even offer advice on dietary supplements and other nutrition-related topics so that their clients can achieve their desired results faster.

Elevated Learning Academy Offers Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Courses

Elevated Learning Academy is a college with campuses in Edmonton and Calgary, Canada, that offers fitness courses both on our campuses and online. Our personal fitness trainer course and nutrition course will prepare you to be a qualified personal trainer, helping clients reach their fitness goals through proper exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications.

You will gain the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful personal trainer, including anatomy and physiology; nutrition science; program design, implementation, and management; exercise assessment and instruction; professional ethics and practices.

We have been offering these courses for over six years on our campuses and over two years online. Our instructors have decades of experience in the fitness and nutrition industry, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best education possible.

Why Take a Personal Fitness Trainer Course?

At this point, it should be quite evident why taking a personal fitness trainer course is a great idea — it will help you get certified and give you the necessary skills to help your clients reach their goals. But there are even more reasons why taking a personal fitness trainer course is beneficial — here are seven reasons to take a personal fitness trainer course in 2023:

1. To Help People Achieve Their Fitness Needs

Personal training is all about assisting people in achieving their wellness goals. Most of those seeking the help of a personal trainer wants a better physique, to get rid of some pain, to optimize their athletic performance, or lose weight. With an alarming 70% population deemed as either overweight or obese, the requirement for personalized training services has never been more considerable.

Being overweight carries with it a slew of health risks and the danger of severely damaging one’s self-esteem and confidence. Whichever the case, people need all the help and motivation they can get when safely adding physical activity to their daily schedule. So if you are passionate about helping them achieve those fitness goals, then the best way to get started is to enroll in a personal fitness trainer course.

2. Flexibility and Independence 

Working on your own terms is easier and more rewarding with personal training. You get to choose your own hours and the clients you work with, and even pick where you want to be based. 

Anyone who pursues a career as a personal trainer is presented with countless opportunities, one of which is to work independently. You'll enjoy the freedom to create an adaptable schedule that works best for both you and your clients. What's more? This industry offers entrepreneurs the chance to establish their own brands and business if they possess enough drive and determination.

At ELA, we provide both online and in-person courses to make learning convenient for everyone. Our courses are designed to give you the skills, knowledge, and techniques you need to build a successful personal training business.

3. To Become a Fitness Expert

There are many self-proclaimed experts, but only those who have taken a personal fitness trainer course can truly call themselves experts.

Becoming certified in fitness and dedicating yourself to the industry is essential for staying up-to-date on the latest exercise techniques, research, and scientific findings. At ELA, we are dedicated to helping you reach your goal of becoming a trusted fitness expert with our commitment to providing relevant educational opportunities for your career as a fitness trainer.

4. To Earn Better Money for Your Services 

Personal trainers are highly sought after by individuals trying to improve their health and body. However, most personal trainers cannot fully capitalize on their services because they lack the proper training and certification.

By taking a personal fitness trainer course and gaining the necessary certification, you can charge more for your services and make more money doing something you love — helping people achieve their goals.

5. Career Opportunities

The skyrocketing number of obese and overweight individuals has propelled the weight loss industry to an astonishing $2 billion dollars. Driven by our collective longing for a healthier lifestyle, the personal training sector is projected to expand at over 16% in the coming years.

This is a huge career opportunity that anyone interested in fitness, health, and wellness can make the most of. With ELA’s personal fitness training program, you'll be on your way to becoming a successful professional.

6. Job Satisfaction

Your primary motivation should be job satisfaction. Helping other people reach their fitness goals and watching them become healthier and more confident in their own skin is a fulfilling experience that no amount of money can buy.

Furthermore, when you witness these individuals' physical transformation firsthand, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing you were part of their journey.

7. You Get To Workout All The Time

We all know the importance of exercise and how good it feels to get your heart rate up. As a personal trainer, you'll get to work out regularly as part of your job!

You’ll also be able to explore different training techniques and find what works best for you and your clients. Whether it's weightlifting, running, or HIIT classes, personal trainers will always have the opportunity to stay in shape and keep up with their fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does It Take to Complete a Personal Fitness Trainer Course?

The time it takes to complete a personal fitness trainer course depends on your chosen program. At ELA, we offer accelerated four-month training both on our campuses and online.

2. What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Personal Fitness Trainer?

To become a personal fitness trainer, you generally need a high school diploma or GED. Still, some programs may require additional qualifications such as CPR and first aid certifications, nutrition knowledge, or anatomy and physiology. You also must be knowledgeable about fitness, be able to motivate clients, and have good business sense.

3. What Types of Jobs Can I Get With Personal Fitness Trainer Certification?

With your fitness trainer certification, you can find employment in many places, such as gyms and health clubs, corporate wellness centers, private homes or businesses, country clubs, college and university campuses, athletic organizations, spas and resorts, and government agencies. You can also teach classes, offer personal training services online or in-person, or even open your private studio.

4. What Is the Difference Between a Personal Trainer and a Group Fitness Instructor?

The primary difference between a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor is in the scope of their job. A personal trainer works one-on-one with clients to create individualized fitness plans and provide motivation. Group fitness instructors lead classes such as aerobics, yoga, Pilates, strength training, or other group exercise programs.

5. Where Can I Find a Personal Fitness Trainer Course?

Elevated Learning Academy offers a state-of-the-art personal fitness training program that can be taken both on our campuses and online. This comprehensive course will teach you the fundamentals of personal fitness training and its science to help you become a successful professional in this exciting field.

Are You Ready To Become A Personal Fitness Trainer?

At ELA, our experienced instructors are passionate about helping individuals take their fitness journey to the next level. We offer on-site and online courses to help you become the best personal trainer you can be and start making a living out of something you love.

So, if you are passionate about fitness and want to help others achieve their goals, why not take the first step on your personal training journey? Sign up for our course today!


Applied Nutrition Science Diploma:

Virtual Delivery: Feb 8, 2022 - June 14, 2023

Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma:  

Virtual Delivery: Apr 11, 2023 - Aug 10, 2023
Calgary In-Person: Jan 30, 2023 - June 1, 2023  
Edmonton In-Person: Feb 6, 2023 - June 8, 2023

Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma:

Virtual Delivery: Mar 20, 2023 - July 26, 2023


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