5 Best Nutrition Courses In Canada [2023 Nutrition Courses Online Canada]

People and food go together, and it is important to understand people's food and nutrition requirements to maintain a healthy diet. Eating the right foods and maintaining a healthy diet is essential for feeling great each day, and as people become more intentional about what they eat, there is a constant need for nutrition courses to equip people with nutrition knowledge.

With so many lifestyle diseases on the rise, it is now more important than ever to learn about nutrition in order to stay healthy. Numerous schools and colleges offer nutrition courses all around Canada. From short online nutrition courses to long-form degree programs, there is something for everyone interested in learning more about nutrition.

A career in health and nutrition can provide you with the knowledge to guide others in developing sustainable habits that support good health, even when faced with medical challenges.

The good news is that you don't necessarily have to enroll for a long course to learn more about nutrition, as many short nutrition courses are available. Unlike longer programs, short nutrition courses can give people a great insight into the world of food, nutrition, and health in a more cost and time-effective way. There are plenty of options available in Canada for those looking to learn about nutrition without investing too much time or money.

Elevated Learning Academy is renowned for its nutrition programs; it has been running for over six years. With nutrition campuses located in Calgary and Edmonton, Canada, Elevated Learning Academy also offers online nutrition courses to students all over Canada. 

Reasons To Take Nutrition Courses

While there are many reasons why people take nutrition courses in Canada, the most common reason is that enrolling in  nutrition courses helps you become an expert in food and nutrition.

People need to understand the science behind food and nutrition, as this knowledge can be used to help promote health and wellness. After completing a course in nutrition, you will be able to provide dietary advice that is tailored to individuals’ specific needs.

Therefore, studying nutrition courses is a prerequisite for a career in food and nutrition, where you can advocate for health promotion. You will learn about the principles of nutrition science, how to assess individual needs, and come up with dietary plans that are tailored to different people’s requirements.

The 5 Best Nutrition Courses In Canada

1. Fundamentals of Nutrition: Introduction to Food and Health

Introduction to food and health is a great way to start your journey into nutrition. This course covers the basics of nutrition, such as an overview of the digestive system, nutritional needs, food, and cultural influences on dietary choices.

You will learn about basic principles of nutrition science, health promotion, disease prevention, and how to develop a nutritious meal plan based on individual dietary needs.

Even though this nutrition course is the most basic and is usually offered as an accelerated short nutrition course, it is still sufficiently detailed to help you gain the necessary know-how and skills for bettering your diet. On top of that, it will inspire you to move past pessimistic conversations about health and nutrition toward constructive dialogues on natural food options.

After completing this course, you'll understand precisely which foods are beneficial and detrimental to your health. It will also give you compelling reasons to return to the basics of home cooking, which are essential for living an extended life full of vitality. 

2. Applied Nutrition Science Diploma  

Applied Nutrition Science Diploma is another great nutrition course that will give you an in-depth understanding of nutrition science. You'll learn about the principles and practices of nutrition science, including its applications to health promotion and disease prevention.

Applied nutrition science diploma cover three major areas:

  • Better Nutrition: You'll learn how to assess individual nutrition needs and design personalized meal plans. You will also learn about food components, their functions, and their nutritional value.
  • Weight Management: You'll understand the importance of nutrition in weight maintenance and learn how to develop a personalized weight management plan.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Promotion: This area of nutrition focuses on health promotion and disease prevention through lifestyle changes, like physical activity and balanced diets.

You'll also become familiar with the latest developments in nutrition research, gain insight into clinical dietetics practice, and explore the role of food in health and disease prevention. On top of that, you'll also understand the cultural and economic influences on dietary choices.

The Nutrition Science Diploma will equip you with the necessary tools to become an effective nutrition practitioner; one who is able to counsel clients on their individual nutritional needs. After completing this course, you'll be able to provide advice on dietary plans tailored to individuals’ needs, based on nutrition science research.

Elevated Learning Academy has been offering the Nutrition Science Diploma for over six years, so we can guarantee that you'll receive the best training possible.

3. Macronutrients and Micronutrients Diploma

The Macronutrients and Micronutrients Diploma is designed for those who want in-depth knowledge of nutrition science. In this course, you will explore macronutrient metabolism and micronutrient funtion, and learn about the latest research developments in nutrition.

You'll learn about different dietary strategies, such as plant-based or low-carbohydrate diets, and understand how they may benefit one's overall health. When you take the course, you will also learn about new trends in nutrition science and their effects on human health.

This diploma will also equip you with the skills to assess individual nutritional needs and design meal plans that are tailored to those needs. It will also provide you with the necessary tools to advise clients on healthy diets, which can help lead them toward a healthier lifestyle.

4. Nutrition and Dietetics Diploma 

Nutrition and Dietetics Diploma is probably one of the most comprehensive nutrition courses out there. This course covers a broad range of topics, such as nutrition principles and guidelines, nutrition for health promotion and disease prevention, food composition and preparation, nutrition intervention strategies, and advanced dietetics communication.

You'll gain knowledge on the current nutritional guidelines in Canada, understand the principles of healthy eating from a biochemical point of view, become familiar with Canadian dietary goals, learn about nutrition promotion through social marketing campaigns and develop an understanding of the role of nutrition in health and fitness.

You'll also get to develop practical skills on assessing dietary intake and creating personalized meal plans for individuals based on their biological needs.

5. Child Nutrition and Cooking

Nutrition for children is a fast-growing niche in the nutrition and dietetics industry. This is because it’s important to ensure that children receive the right nutrients for healthy development and growth.

The Child Nutrition and Cooking course offers a comprehensive overview of nutrition for children from infancy through adolescence. Through this course, you'll learn how to plan meals according to age-appropriate requirements, understand the importance of a balanced diet for children, and create nutritious and tasty meals.

This course is created to guide you through the basics of child nutrition, highlighting how personal choices can influence the overall well-being of a child and to understand the potential dangers linked with childhood obesity.

Enrolling in this program can open the door to discovering healthy eating habits for both adults and children, as well as how you can whip up simple yet scrumptious meals that will motivate a lifetime of home-cooked delights.


Nutrition courses can give you a deeper understanding of nutrition and its effects on human health, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to advise clients on healthy eating habits. The five best nutrition courses in Canada listed above are all great options to consider if you want to pursue a career in nutrition.

Elevated Learning Academy offers diplomas and short courses in nutrition for students all over Canada. To learn more about our programs, visit ELA.

By enrolling in one of our programs, you can gain the skills to become a successful nutrition professional and help individuals achieve their ideal health goals.

We look forward to helping you on your journey as a nutrition professional.



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