Applied Nutrition Science Diploma:
Virtual Delivery: June 13 - Oct 26, 2022 
Virtual Delivery: Sept 7, 2022 - Jan 27, 2023

Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma:
Edmonton In-Person: Sept 12, 2022 - Jan 26, 2023
Calgary In-Person: Sept 12, 2022 - Jan 26, 2023
Virtual Delivery: June 20, 2022 - Oct 27, 2022
Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma:
Virtual Delivery: Oct 24, 2022 - Mar 10, 2023

Request an Information Appointment

Request an Information Appointment

We’d love to meet with you via a video or in-person (if situation allows) appointment to answer all your questions and provide you with information about the college, curriculum of your program of interest, and the overall expected experience as a student. Please provide us with some details about yourself and we’ll book you in with one of our knowledgeable staff.


One of our knowledgeable staff can assist you with the enrollment process during your information appointment, or if you prefer to tackle it independently, we welcome you to do so by clicking on the Enrollment Document link below.
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