Applied nutrition science diploma

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the multiple factors that influence food choices such as behaviours, social influences, trends, and policy
  • Develop an understanding of scientific research, and the ability to assess credibility of nutrition information in the face of ever-changing science
  • Understanding the scientific foundation of nutritional science including chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, and human physiology
  • Understand the role of carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins, and minerals within the body, dietary requirements and food sources of each
  • Understand the role of water within the body, and hydration requirements under different conditions
  • In-depth understanding of how food is broken down and used within the body
  • Ability to address nutrition concerns such as life stages, chronic disease, allergies, intolerances, mindless eating, eating disorders, weight management, sports nutrition and supplementation requirements
  • Ability to utilize calculation to determine nutritional requirements of nutrients and water and body composition
  • Develop counselling and coaching skills
  • Ability to assess nutritional needs and goals of individuals, creating nutrition plans and programs and evaluating and monitoring successes
  • Develop and implement label reading, food safety and recipe modification skills
  • Develop presentation skills and the ability to educate clients on nutrition and lifestyle and create nutrition education materials
  • Learn the principles of business development, management, and marketing