Applied nutrition science diploma


1. How much does the program cost?
The total cost of the program is $6,740.

2. What is covered in the cost?
The program is all-inclusive. The cost covers 340 hours of lectures and lab, all learning materials, iPads, cooking classes, and all books. Students don’t experience any additional fees or taxes.

3. You give iPads out in the program, does this mean that I need to know how to use one prior to taking the program?
Students do not require prior knowledge with using an iPad as we provide an orientation to the technology on the first day of classes. That said, having a comfort level with mobile devices will make for a more comfortable experience for the students.

4. What are the iPads used for within the program?
The iPads are used for the hosting of the Learner Management System software, as well as for all the eBooks used in the curriculum. Elevated Learning Academy aims to reducing its use of paper, and the use of a mobile device allows it to move closer to a ‘paper free’ educational institution.

5. How long is the program?
The program is 17 weeks or 340 hours in length, with a 20 hours/week work load. The practicum is an additional 40 hours that the students must complete after the 17-week period of classes. Depending on the phase of the program, the split between home-study and in-class study varies. A schedule is given to students with an outline of when they will be required to attend classes, and how to best space out the home-study components.

6. Is there student funding?
Government student financing is available for eligible students. For more information check our Government Loans and Grants page.

7. What are the requirements to get into the program?
Please see the Admissions page.

8. How does ELA’s program compare to other educational options?
There are no identical educational options within Alberta. However some other programs focusing on nutrition that are 10 months and 1 year in length, as well as those that are offered just online.

9. What types of individuals take part in this program?
Anyone from youth that have recently graduated from high-school, to more mature adults looking for a career shift into the health and wellness industry. This is also a great program for existing health professionals looking to expand their knowledge into the field of nutrition.

10. What does working as a nutrition practitioner look like?
A nutrition practitioner would be qualified to work independently or within an existing organization and advise the general public on nutrition. A nutrition practitioner can also create meal plans, recommend recipe adjustments, suggest supplements and assist athletes to prep for competition. Nutrition practitioners can work within fitness facilities, health food stores, in community centres, in schools, through private practices, as well as consultants for the corporate and culinary sectors.

11. How will ELA assist me with finding a job?
During or after the program students start their 40-hour practicum. The practicum consists of students doing 3 things: 1) connecting with potential employers 2) design nutrition programs for clients 3) receive feedback on their areas of strength and areas of improvement.


ELA incorporates such topics as interviewing skills, business development, marketing and sales into the curriculum. Knowing these crucial areas greatly assists our students stand out from the rest and enables them to recruit more clients and keep those clients for longer.

Unlike other academic institutions, ELA’s sole focus is on health and wellness. We don’t teach any other topics aside from Nutrition and Fitness. Because of our very narrow focus we are able to dedicate much of our resources to network with other individuals and employers in the health and wellness industry.

12. How will ELA assist me in starting my own nutrition counselling business?
ELA incorporates such topics as financial planning, sales and marketing into the curriculum. As part of this process, students practice many business-building skills, as well as become comfortable with generating and growing their clientele.