Applied nutrition science diploma


UPCOMING CALGARY PROGRAM DATES: February 05, 2018 – June 13, 2018


The Applied Nutrition Science Diploma program will enable you to enter the nutrition industry faster and more successfully than you’ve ever imagined! The program includes 340 hours instruction (30% of which are delivered remotely to allow for at-home study), a 40-hour practicum, a personal iPad loaded with all the software and books you’ll need, cooking classes and much more. 

Classes run over a period of an intensive 17 weeks (4 months), after which you will be assisted with practicum and job placement. 



Enrolling in Elevated Learning Academy’s Applied Nutrition Science Diploma is easy! Please call 403-991-0939 to set up an appointment and meet with one of our enrolment advisors. We’d love to meet you!

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The curriculum includes areas of nutrition science, application, coaching skills, business fundamentals, food governance and policy, industry trends, cooking classes, nutritional consultation, and much more.






Elevated Learning Academy is dedicated to utilizing only the most effective and comprehensive educational models available. It is for this reason that we have adapted the ‘Flipped Classroom’ model as our educational delivery method for the Applied Nutrition Science Diploma program.

The Flipped Classroom

The ‘Flipped Classroom’ model ensures that instructors are accessible to the students, when students need them most. In traditional learning models, students attend in-class lectures by their instructors, and then they get assigned all the creative and applied work to do at home, for homework. The ‘Flipped Classroom’ model flips this traditional system, and instead, students are assigned to watch Video Lectures at home, while in class is where most of the creative and applied work is done, with the assistance of the instructor.


Currently enrolling for classes starting on February 5, 2018!

Become a Nutrition Practitioner in Calgary… in four months.

Elevated Learning Academy is Calgary’s only vocational college, specializing in health and wellness education programs. Our institution is licensed and designated with the Alberta government, a process ensuring that our students receive the highest quality education and are eligible for all government student loan and grant programs.

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The nutrition industry, and personalized health advice are both experiencing significant growth over the past few years. People are becoming considerably more aware of their health (or lack there of) due to widespread media attention on the growing issue of obesity. Food-related television shows on the Food Network and on the Cooking Channel, are extremely popular, and health advocates and chefs, like Jamie Oliver are celebrated. Demographic changes, such as the increasing age of the baby boomers also contributes to this growth. These boomers are known to be the most health-conscious, as well as most affluent out of all age groups. As the number of individuals that are part of this group enter retirement, and start devoting a greater amount of their time and efforts on their health, the industry will need to respond accordingly.

Four-Month Applied Nutrition Science Diploma Program
Elevated Learning Academy delivers an Applied Nutrition Science program that is effective, progressive and current. In this very intense 4-month course, students learn everything they need to be able to assist individuals with their nutrition and overall health concerns. There are other Nutrition-related programs out there but they are focused on more niche nutrition fields like Holistic and Fitness nutrition. Also there are other programs that are either greater in length or are delivered strictly online.  In our four-month Applied Nutrition Science program, students are able learn the science behind being a Nutrition Practitioner, and apply that theory in practice, while learning about industry trends, government policies and best business practices.

The Applied Nutrition Science Diploma is Accessible!

Elevated Learning Academy utilizes a ‘flipped classroom’ educational model. The way that the “Flipped Classroom” model works is that it takes what is traditionally done in the classroom, so mainly lectures, and assigns them for homework. The activities that are typically assigned for homework, like creative projects, group work, and problem-solving assignments, are done within the classroom environment, with the help of an instructor. By doing this “Flip”, the instructor can be available to the students when they may need them the most – when they’re they’re practicing critical thinking, dissecting complex problems and practicing their kinaesthetic skills.

The lectures, are delivered online, through videos, and can be watched by students, from the comfort of their home. With the help of the “Flip”, the students’ classroom commitment will go down from 20 hours per week, to just 12 hours per week, and will make the programs more accessible to working people and parents.

All the lectures are pre-recorded by the instructors, ensuring that students have the flexibility to watch them when its of most convenience to them, and from the comfort of their home. The entire platform of the Applied Nutrition Science Diploma program is based within an online Learning Management System, where the entire curriculum is housed. The students are issued iPads with all the required materials, ebooks and the curriculum are housed.

Applied Nutrition Science Curriculum

Our course curriculum is very comprehensive, covering;

  • nutrition physiology
  • biochemistry
  • kinesiology
  • macronutrients and micronutrients
  • energy balance
  • nutritional assessments and analysis
  • program planning
  • supplements
  • life cycle nutrition
  • sports and fitness nutrition
  • behaviour change
  • government food policies
  • your food’s origins

Aside from the science and practical Nutritional knowledge, our students also learn about becoming self-sufficient business owners. They are presented with all the skills and knowledge of how to start a business, operate it, as well as create a presence for that business within their community, as well as online. Students will learn how to effectively use various social media tools to help get their nutrition careers off to a great start. Not all Nutrition Practitioner have their own private practices; some work for employers. We prepare our students for the employment path as well, by incorporating numerous classes that are bound to assist with making a solid impression, no matter where it might be. The classes involve:

  • resume-design
  • interviewing skills
  • business basics and entrepreneurship
  • lead generation
  • marketing
  • time management and goal setting
  • sales

ELA_Logo_2013Applied Nutrition Science Diploma – Calgary
Elevated Learning Academy
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Interested applicants are more than welcome to contact the Calgary campus for an information appointment. We’d be happy to provide prospective students with more information about our training and the industry as a whole. You can book an appointment by calling 403-802-0933, or emailing By coming in for an information appointment, you’ll also get to view our Calgary campus, and possibly meet some of our students and instructors.

We look forward to hearing from you.

ELA_Logo_2013Applied Nutrition Science Diploma – Calgary
Elevated Learning Academy
305-4014 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary, Alberta
780-425-0933 or 1-888-544-5573