Personal Fitness Trainer


This 17-week long interactive program will be out of our very multi-functional 'classroom', outfitted with the latest equipment and much open space to put your learnings into practice. Some classes will also take place at various facilities around Calgary and Edmonton.



Anatomy 25
Exercise Physiology 25
Kinesiology 20
Response to Exercise 20
Behaviour Theories 12
Adherence and Motivation 20 
Assessments and Screens 40 
Stability and Mobility Training 20
Movement Training 20
Resistance Training 20
Cardiorespiratory Training 20
Mind-Body Exercise 4
Special Populations 4
Musculoskeletal Injuries 4
Nutrition 8
Common Exercises and Machines 20
Resume, Interviewing 8
Business, Legalities 8
Program Design 8
Review, Presentations, Exams 18


Total: 340 hours, PLUS 36-hour practicum 

Intensive: 17 weeks, 5 days a week, 340 hours total

Hands-on: At Elevated Learning Academy we believe in kinesthetic learning. At all points of the course you’ll get to demonstrate and/or practice your learnings. Our facility is multi-faceted and outfitted with all the needed space and equipment to allow for an environment where book knowledge is put into practice.

Interactive: Teaching is based on adult learning principles, which emphasize the accommodation of a variety of learning styles, including discussions, questions, group activities, lecture and individual work.

Small classroom size: Average number of students per class is 15, with the maximum reaching a mere 24.

Expert Instruction: All instructors have both, an educational background in fitness and health, as well as are also current or recent personal fitness trainers themselves.

Practicum placement: Elevated Learning Academy’s practicum program is 36 hours in length, to be completed during and/or after completion of the program. Elevated Learning Academy will assist with students’ practicum and job placements.

Certifications and Credentials: Once students have completed the entire curriculum they will receive a Diploma from Elevated Learning Academy. We’ve also included the CPR/AED certifications through the Canadian Red Cross as part of the curriculum. As an educational partner with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), students will also have the chance to write the ACE Personal Trainer Certification examination. Students who pass this examination will earn the Internationally-recognized, ACE Personal Trainer Certification, which is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), and is recognized as the largest non-profit  fitness Certification world-wide.